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Tiếng Việt Tentative

Long Life (Nagyalma) Puja

During the time of Shakyamuni Buddha, there was a sun god named Lodro Tenpa from the 33 heavens. One day, he heard a voice from the sky telling him that he would die after 7 days and that he would take rebirth as a dog, monkey, vulture, and so forth.

After hearing this, the sun god Lodro Tenpa was very frightened and went to ask King Indra, the king of gods, what he should do. King Indra had no solution and asked the Buddha for advice.

Buddha then taught the mantra of Nagyalma and the long life supplication to Namgyalma. King Indra taught this to the sun god Lodro Denpa and after following the Buddha’s advice to make supplication to Namgyalma, he lived a very long life and did not take rebirth in the lower realms.